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Nogen succeshistorier med open source (fra LL)



Bruxelles: Students and teachers at 160 high schools in the Brussels Region have started to use free and open source applications. "We've seen some very impressive demonstrations by experienced teachers. And the nicest thing about this software is that it works with almost any projector."

Nivelles "Four years ago, the city's civil servants have switched to using LibreOffice, so we now require compatibility with LibreOffice, when buying new related ICT solutions."


Det franske gendarmerie "lowers the total cost of ownership by 40%, in savings on proprietary software licences and by reducing costs on IT management."

Det franske forsvarsministerium "The French ministry of Defence studies switching to free software"


Kiosk-PC i Uden "Using this free software-based system saves us valuable time and money"


Renewed German Swiss support office interoperability project "German and Swiss public administrations will continue to take part in a software development project to improve the support by open source office suites"

Munich: Migration to sustainable desktop completed successfully "However, he said that moving to open source saved the city over 10 million euro so far."


The town of Lemi in Finland "LibreOffice is better at handling the proprietary documents we exchange with other municipalities"


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